Shared Vision

by The Fusionists

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released June 22, 2012

Tracks: 1,2,4,5,6,7,10,12,13 = Produced by Dr. MaD for ALAIZ music.
Tracks: 3,8,9,11 = Produced by TR3S, for TLATA music.
Mixed by TR3S at the No Bad Sound studio.
Mastered by Moonstar.



all rights reserved


NoBad Sound studio Montreal, Québec

Nobad Sound studio "NBS" est un lieu de création et de pratique dédié aux cultures urbaines ouvert aux jeunes. A l'initiative de la Maison des jeunes de Côte-Des-Neiges. Montréal, Canada.

The Nobad Sound studio "NBS" is a creative and training place dedicated to urban cultures and opened for youth. A program of La Maison des jeunes de Côte-Des-Neiges.
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Track Name: I'm Still
I'm Still (Marley, Lavish, Silex, Dejazz & Ebonic Raven)

I'm still, ill here ready to kill/ I'm still rappin' like an animal/ I'm still trying to stack all types of capital/ Flow blowing like a daffodil/

I'm still a kid but my body is older/ They say I'm colder, I say I'm October/ I'm up front and realer/ And more than ever/ Change for the better/ That's what I tell her/ I used to be inside with nothin' to do/ Now nobody could really step in my shoes/ The mistakes I corrected made me who I am/ ''I am a man''

Silex or you can call me Sam, yes I am/ Still the son that my parents raised/ True to my words, values at the right place/ Close to my heart, still passionate about life/

''I'm still'', that phrase is static/ I'm grounded by granite/ Bold as graphite/ With no alike/ Hip-hop needed a heart and mine's been transplanted/ Never again taken opportunities for granted/ I'm still candid/ Utilizing this urban language/ Every word is Purolator packaged/ Never experience a power outage/ I illuminate like lamp posts/ Over soulful samples/ Everything happens for a reason/ And I broke my ankle/ Another part of my story that I unravel/ God gave me time to spiritually travel/ Possess the blood of an Israelite/ Undiluted/ Like the great exodus led by moses under JAH/

Explore the environment at my own pace/ Never let my dreams go to waste/ And hey! When my motivations change/ I go green recycle my dreams in different ways/ Flexible, adaptin' to last minute change/

I start a movement/ The truth is being commuted when I conduct this music/ I build stanzas so there is always room for improvement/ I don't associate with a Judas/ I haven't attracted bad credit/ Wool fabric fresh outta the dryer/ I'm ultra magnetic/ I'm so stagnated/ Never change no I'm not nickel plated/ In the hood I'm still situated/ Sticking to basics/ Deeper than notes played by a bassist/ Bound to bust I fly to places I'm a bullet train/ Joseph is my name I'm still the same, yes sir!

Ok I came from a long way/ Thankful like a Sunday/ I remember when I played video games all day/ Now I'm writing more bars like the number after Andre/ Learning to stop and listen to another might say/ As a lad I didn't know what I had/ Years went by and I feel glad/ To know I have life in my hands and I carry on and think twice when I can/

Ebonic Raven
It's the Wizzard, the mathematician that's spitting and grabbing isms of wisdom/ Insisting on inflicting this deadly rhythm/ Still iller than sickle cell/ With the pencil I bring my will/ Instrumentals are getting filled with the brillance I reveal/ Too exquisit with mass appeal as he's passing through the hill/ Feeling passionate 'bout my skills/ Slammin' it for the real/ Slappin' rappers so rapidly, snatchin' their gravity/ Slashin' their cavities/ Check my rapsody/
Track Name: Cracked Windows
Cracked Windows (Marley, Oxymore & Hazer)

I remember way back in the ghetto when i was little/ Cracked window in the master bedroom/ But it was all good, livin' in the hood/ Livin' in the hood, livin' in the hood/ Give me that 514, give me that 514/ Give me that 514, give me that 514/ Livin' in the hood, livin' in the hood/

Je viens du continent invisible/ Et ce voyage m'a fait invincible/ À leurs yeux je suis sorti de nulle part/ Les épreuves me font plus fort mais ne me tuent pas/ Je rappe tout-par pendant que les MC font des touze-par/ Je viens du Vanuatu, j'en ai fait un atout/ Même si je n'suis qu'un sale bab-tou/ Et qu'on me frappait à la récré/ En m'appelant face de craie/ Quand j'écris, les tasses crient/ Je suis un mécréant m'écriant avec mes crayons/ Et mon blaze restera gravé, j'ai gravi les montagnes et les océans/ Avec ce son né des palmiers/ Des bananes, et des paniers de coco/ J'ai vu les touristes sourire/ Prendre de la coco/ Je crois qu'y a un quiproquo/ Avec leurs portefeuilles en croco/ Ils ont volé la terre des indigènes indigents/ Je me suis toujours méfié des gens qui se disent intelligents/ Peut être que je ne suis pas très che-ri/ Mais au moins dans ma vie moi je ris/ Et ne croit pas que je crache dans la soupe/ Le voyage j'aurais bien pu le faire dans la soute/


Chaque soir c'était barres, pétards/ À se taper des bars, une bande de fêtards/ Toujours à l'arrosoir accoudés au comptoir/ Le regard hagard égaré à regarder les meufs/ Pour niquer les keufs arrêter les reufs/ Et je ne vous oublie pas de lobby à roumi de sage à déka/ En passant par les jahs et la alternative familia/ Affirmatif, ça bouge pas, le kiffe ne part pas/ Et la mif j'oublie pas/ La blanche, on a craché dessus et ça, j'en suis pas déçu/ Des reproches j'en ai reçu, le manque je l'ai perçu/ Et même je le perçois/ Les choses que j'aperçois/ Guident mes pas/ Toujours des flèches dans mon carquois/ Tel un iroquois avec ses gars/ Connu pour nos cones et pour la déconner/ Des icônes des connes/ La réputation s'est faite à force de faire la fête, se casser la tête/ Pour chopper la verte, je t'assure tu n'es pas prête/ Pour le GSD la porte est toujours ouverte/

Track Name: Rappers
Rappers (Lavish)

I write cause I'm good at it/ And my flows automatic/ And straight tragic/ Oh you're fantastic? Man I wish you well with that/ You need a lot of words in your thinkin' cap/ And real and original on any track/ Copy another artist that's wack/ And if your writing, you gotta suffer from writer's block/ That sucks in means your brains suck you can't write/ but a lot of rappers are nice, in their own ways/ Some spit just to get paid/ Some should just flip the page/ Some think they're the best, I think that's the worst/ But it don't get on my nerves, I fly with the birds/ Cockiness don't mean nothing unless you got intelligence/ Cockiness is different from confidence/ Nowadays I don't hear real music/ So I go on classics and spit acids/

Chorus (2x)
Rappers, actors, lyricist, writers where do you fit in?/ Rappers rapping - this is my thing/ And I'ma do it 'til the end/ I'm never signing off, this is no pretend/

I enjoy to destroy, oh boy I'm employed/ Press record, promise you won't be bored/ Aboard with me I'm sending rappers to the morgue, oh lord/ My flow dirty like mold/ Spark fire like cole, J's on my feet/ Name starts with L, listen to me preach/ Positivity should be how you preach/ I speak about what I see in the streets/ And should be released/ In a little body still sound like a beast/ Living for the moment 'til I'm deceased/ Flowin' 'til I make my words increase/ My rap is my hobby, careless if i sound corny/ I tell my own story/ ''money, money, money'' often the top topic/ Mixtape coming, can't wait to drop-drop it/ Music is patience, kill with no hesitation/ I got reservations for progression/ You want an invitation, you want information?/ Replay my information/

Chorus (4x)
Track Name: Rock to the Beat
Rock to the Beat (Dejazz & Ebonic Raven)

Chorus (2x)
Rock to the beat, get wrecked on the regular/ Listen to me because I cause mass hysteria

I tell a story like Aesop/ Surviving is my day job/ Manufacturing popcorn, Orville Redenbacher's/ Hip-hop is an art form and we are Picassos/ Lyrics always make sense/ Never value dollars/ Treated with honors/ Graduated from the corners/ Transitioning into owners/ We're lyricists without boarders/ On the frontline we soldiers/ From my mother take orders/ Conduct Cosa Nostra/ I move like a mobster/ Associate with closers/ To gain security like I ride with OnStar/ Help my brother own a restaurant and Marley open that clothing store/ Dreams of an entrepreneur/ My brother was known for moving raw/ My sister interested in law/ I got two more Yahsua and Yashima/ They both stars/ Cadillac Records I'm Adrian Brody the benefactor/ Pass around the coleslaw/ Uncle Lou gave the booth to us/ Though it's not closed shop/ Create a contrast so sharp/ Images are our products call us panasonic/ My illness is chronic/ I'm influenced by various artists/ Showing street prophets homage/ Off of knowledge the youth profit/ Education brightens up prospecta/ And I'm heading for a communication doctorate/ Real life is the the topic/ I leave a fossil they should document/ My goal is to spread like oil through every continent/ Witness the rising son revealing GOD's awesomeness/ We making music that got people shaking like condiments/ Plus we brining awareness to your consciousness/


Ebonic Raven
Metaphors and punchlines can open ya mind/ I keep the cannon smoking/ Cause when I'm flown' it's lunchtime/ I crush mic's, I blow ice, I'm spitting out spikes/ When I write I light the city on fire/ My bars decapitate, assassinating fakes/ Smash they face into concrete/ Move wrong and you'll see/ I'll wreck the deck off your teeth/ If you looking for beef.../ Nah never that/ You're too much of a wussy to eat/ It's just so easy to see/ When I spit this, it's like syphilis to ya ears/ Cats get squished like insects/ I'm ripping this ish/ Split the dictionary in two, I'm killing the words/ With the verbs that I be murkin' I'm serving MC's/ With degrees that can squeeze, I'm freezing the beat like an iceberg, I sink/ A ship like Titanic/ I'm a bandit with the lyrics/ A blizzard that speaks/ Cool as winter in December/ It's Wizzard the beast from the East/

Track Name: Visions of Insanity
Visions of Insanity (Ebonic Raven)

Witness discrimination, inside this nation, that we claim as sacred/ The system's shaking, cause we made it into simple living/ They list the immigrants as criminals, in many districts/ They strictly wishing to see us, deceased or barely breathing/ People be thinking that they heroes by killing the negros/ Deceitful and so typical, it's getting me pissed/ To be a victim of this weekly, as I reach through the streets/ Men and women stare and grilling at this kid named Rasheed/ Over the pigment of his skin, being different than theirs/ Ridiculous ish, I'm sick of this here, I'm flipping the script/ Forbidden written as I'm building the shift (yeeah)/ Still in existence is this ignorance in citizens here, fear of a black planet/ That's why they standing under blankets,I'm like ''damn it!'' filled with anger could strangle a rabbit cause they managed to turn me savage, by the language they using/ Damaging children, with their ranting to vanish humanity/ This is visions of insanity/

Through the valley of insanity, it's hard to be me/ I just wanna live in peace, fly away from this grief/ Yet I'm getting depressed, I'm sick of this mess/ Got me stress bout to tomorrow, it's the sorrow of living/ So just listen to my lyrics, to decipher my feelings/ Valley of insanity (2x)

Feeling sorrow from the burrow of my heart and my stomach/ Start to vomit from the stress, massive treads of depression/ Gone aggressive and depressive, cause I'm very upset/ Sick of ridiculous and hideous facts, we lack in vanity/ This crap is such a tragedy, I'm terribly mad/ Every place I go, I'm facing many traces of hate/ Basic thinkers reigning over faithfulness it's a trip/ Arranging racism in nations, through the way they portraying/ The so called negros as criminals, convicted as sinners/ Is this real for an Israelite that lives in society?/ I know Satanas wants us hanging from branch until we crash/ And pass away into the chainy waves, finally break, but I'm reciting from my mind/ That the time will arrive, to say goodbye, to all the shattered dreams and finally see/ The end of suffering and struggling for many mc's, inside the seeds of depression/ We keep on stressing, this is visions of insanity/


Been riddin' solo on this road, I don't know where it goes/ Feeling colder than the ocean, in December I froze/ The temperature continues dropping as I'm locked in my thoughts/ Gotten bitter overtime seeing winter and crimes/ Enter the depressing and distressing days, heavy with pain/ Will the rain ever stop? 'til my brains start to pop/ Burning flames on my brain, turning chains into blades/ Picking cards no spades, I'm playing this game/ Life's drama got me scarred, I'm bleeding it hard/ Breathing heavy, every second, losing sleep on a regular/ These people got me heated, over ways I've been treated/ Phrasing barriers of anger, changing chapters for answers/ Replacing data about our ancestors, they rather we clash/ Grab attention of our bredrens, tell 'em, what has begun/ The fall of Babylon is imminent, the system will fall/ Plus the destruction of this company, the trumpet as blown/

Track Name: Smile
Smile (Lavish, Silex & Marley)

What makes you smile I wanna know, can I know?/ What makes you smile I wanna know, can I know?/ I'll tell you a little something if you let me know (HEY!)/ I'll tell you a little something if you let me know/

It's the love from my parents that makes me smile/ Memories of me living freely as a child/ The sun and the sky, the rain and the clouds/ The people that stuck around when I was down/ Those that hold their ground, ain't afraid to speak up loud/ When I see brothers and sisters tryin' to achieve/ Those that don't doubt and learn to believe/ My favourite food that I get a chance to eat/ It's the life that I live that's ''oh so sweet''/ And the motivation I have to speak and defeat/ Body in shape, I'm thankful for a heart that's not weak/ Happy for the chance to see another week/ A heartbeat from a close friend to me/ Ability, nationality that I'm proud to be/ A birth of a new born/ Rainbow after storm/ Beautiful woman in all forms/

Chorus (2x)

What makes me smile, the beauty of the present moment/ Mpenzi yangu, the person I share this life with/ In the morning when I wake up, feeling like life is a piece of pie/ I close my eyes and relish, cherish/ Grab the phone and make a long distance/To express my gratitude to my parents/ And make my sister laugh/I recall things from the past and surprise myself with a smile/ I would go hundreds of miles in the wild/ Runnin' like when I was a child/ Many places feel like my domicile/ As long as my values match my lifestyle/ I will enjoy life in different ways/ I am blessed by grace, I embrace my days/ And for my last say/ Keep a smile on your face/Yeah, keep a smile on your face/

Chorus (2x)

What makes me happy is a question too deep/ Cause I'm a little obese/ And you think I probably represent greed/ Wrong or right/ Think whatever you like/ I don't care if it's polite/ My smiles get wild when I see a nightstick smash against a window/ In the hands of a poor homeless widow/ Making cream with the team cause there's people to feed/ Even when there's no need cause back up's good for my peeps/ Talking to the crackheads in the struggle watching them rustle and tussle with the devil's muscles/ For a bundle of change to get their fix/ And then watchin' them turn around/ With a frown and shout out ''what you lookin' at
b=!`*?''/ I smile when it's four in the morning and everything is quiet and boring/ Making noise with the boys of my core influenced by my poise, ready to kick in doors!/

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Opposite Visions
Opposite Visions (Silex Feat. Eva)

Ready to speak, travel from country to country/
Climb the highest peaks to gain more perspective/
My personal perception is positive/
But all ain't bright illuminate (illuminate)/
Society's imprinted with, negativity/
Maintain that state of mind, see why
It's collectively defective (defective)/
Abuses are perpetrated, dissimulated/
Conflicts wicked, characters frigid/
The body's there, but the spirit is naked/
Cold hearted, like it's been incarcerated/
Isolated, they say “war-for-peace” (peace)/
Why would war and peace be hyphenated? (why?)/
The medias illustrate the world as faded/
They persuade that everything's degrading/
Spreading the belief that we near the end/

Eva & Silex Chorus (2x)

We living in this world, So beautiful so bad/
What will lead us to change?/ Let's create our own dance/
Together with our vision/ We will find a solution/

We will get through the mission/
We will clear the confusion/
Say something if you want more/

The medias illustrate the world as faded/
Portray humans and their tendency to hate/
And lose faith, wait! Check your single word/
Big brother with the power is watching/
And pockets with the money are laughin'/
It's a mockery, another day/
Another headline, I meant to say/
On the cover of the newspaper/
Another tragedy and another day (another day)/
Controversies, corruption (corruption)/
Racists keep their old beliefs/
Without even knowin' people encourage slavery (Still)/
Kids are working in the factories underpaid/
And the family barely got somethin' to eat/
Truly, the world is shakin'/ But we can get it back on its feet/
We can get it back on its feet/


Reality seen with different eyes/ Visualize
The vitalization, self-motivation/
Lead the actions, everyday sun arises/
No matter rain or sunlight/ In my vision, life! (life)/
Gotta be glamorized/ On the road of livin' (huh)/
The ride symbolizes the ultimate prize/
Horizon is the reachable goal/
Our passion is the true gold/
Hold it tight (Jyeah!) and never leave it behind/
Sculpt images drawn in your mind/
Seize the moment, realize what's given/
Deeply the truest gifts from within (Listen)/
Warm wind delightedly blows on skin/
Back in time, back when time wasn't a notion/
Let's seek options/ Swimmin' with the dolphins in the ocean/
Look how we can truly change the world we live in/ With a positive vision/

Track Name: Clear Sky
Clear Sky (Silex, Lavish & Dejazz)

One, two, three, ready or not, action!/ I rhyme with passion, design my own fashion/ Achieve what I can imagine, my dreams/ Ayo Lav, tell 'em how we do/

Always spittin' rhymes/ I can't make time/ Too busy on my grind/ I'm a different kind/ That's hard to find/ I stay in line/ Keep out of mind/ I'm just trying to shine/ (I'm just trying to shine)/

Look up! The clouds disappearin' the sun gives us a sign/ Bright light is here to stay we in a positive state of mind/ How far we gon' go? (That's easy to say)/ As long as there's today (we gon' keep goin')/ Yeah! We gon' keep goin'!/ Options unlimited, flowin' in the ocean/ Flyin' in the air, choose your direction/

Ne me regarde pas, je reconnais cet air là/ Encore un éclat de larmes dans tes yeux/ Je n'en sais pas la raison, je n'ai pas de solution/ Tu m'imposes tes humeurs, tu m'en veux/

Now, now, now, now, now listen to a pro flow/ Incredible, special, unforgettable/ I'm a gift, like paper and a bow/ Heading for success you're not in my road/ When I rhyme, I glow for sure/ Bro said go slow, cause I'm living fast/ But I'm doing right you ain't even got to ask/ Bring me that beat and I'm ready to smash/ Ain't got to be first, can't be last/ A lie is like glass see right through/ My mind's on math/ How about you? I stick to my words/ Paper and glue/ Everything I spit is so true/ You ain't got a clue on what I could do/ I'm looking for a boo loves comes out the blue/

Stream of conscious that means auto-pilot/ Hidden lines penetrating ultra violet/ Vocabulary enormous plus my phonics direct/ No matter the dialect techs generate respect/ And I haven't even translated yet/ Heart is what I interject/ With the neural network I intersect/ Intellect causes the need for the mind to interpret/ It's obvious today rappers are puppets for green they're Kermit/ You must be self-sufficient if you're living life as a hermit/ My brother is just started a business is selling clothes/ Without a government permit/ I share the same views of making sure/ My family is never shirtless/ The hustle, I learned it from my father/ Who was serving detergent/ Quick money is worthless compared to the time you're serving/ Clocks keep turning/ I'm discerning, how to make moves in this urban landscape/ Social networking do it through a handshake/ Eye contact so concentrate/ Water is the beverage, when I see my reflection off the lake I see straight/ Looking for a wifey no speed date/ Life is precious get paid in full no rebates/ My music's never centred on money so I don't inflate or exaggerate/ I just relate my experience/ Like I'm in a room full of brothers and a spliff/ We're making instant hits/ Colour blind still possess Stevie's gifts/ I'm so on key call me pianist/ Invoking sight within the sightless/ Thank JAH who'll supply/ Power for the light switch/ I wish I was that righteous/ But hand eye coordination is where my mind splits/ Its a certified ghetto publisher/ I paint a small picture/ But when you frame it/ It gets bigger/ In the future I'm tryna' win a Pulitzer/

Track Name: 360 Degrees
360 Degrees (Dejazz)

I'm literate when I leave my fingerprint/ Impressing black ink on a document/ My rap sheet/ Camera's flashing/ Under surveillance/ I've just been escorted by the bailiff/ The judges gave a sentence/ Files of pages on desk/ Lawyers carrying suitcases/ Dressed to address/ My mother is a witness along with other youth that digressed/ Some getting off light/ Others going up north forthright/ Before entering the courtroom/ I rejected liars to be ill-advise/ I laid my eyes on/ Snakes in disguise/ Father always came to court looking nice/ Judgement takes ponderation/ In that case I thought twice at the crossroads we see/ A turnaround in lives from a parole officer/ I received advice I don't remember/ Surrounded by other youth offenders/ When it comes up to it/ Only one with us is our mothers/ Lawyers trying to leave us confused/ I refused legal aid/ Frustrated cause he didn't get paid/ He tried to get the case delayed/ But I didn't even show up at my first court date/ So you think I want to stay on another display/ To a road to hell? Already knew what I was going to say/ Selassie I had me on trial/ I know I'm guilty for robbing that Jesus piece/ Sprite and codeine/ It's funny when I got caught even the jolly ranchers I had were stolen/ I earned strikes like bowling/ I remember at the moment/ Security guard tried to shake me up/ Got himself chocked up/ He tried to press charges with no luck/ Second time I spent my day in a cell/ I came to the realization: jail is equivalent to hell/ You can say politically I am liberal/The only way I live my life is being real/ I tell my life story like it was theatrical/ Now microscope back to the reel/ I'm confined to this cell where the devils dwell/ Possessed by the evils oppressing the people/ Why I drank NyQuil? I really can't explain but it would make sense if I used it to ease my pain/ And I robbed the chain for street fame/ Yet some have more profitable ideals/ Than making a living off of crack sales/ A similar struggle for the financial trouble/ Crack seems to make the pennies double so the pots could bubble/ And it's one way you can be constructive amongst the rubble/ Cause what you learn in the worldwide ghetto is to hustle/ In the block apartments/ Drugs get smuggled/ Cointel protocol: to keep the blacks humble in a more vulgar sense/ Jewelry and clothes make up for a lack of confidence/ In the hood there hasn't yet been an armistice/ Honest men trying to help mama with the rent/ Or often you hear tales of people sleeping in parc kent/ The plights of impoverishment/ That's why our attitudes are against pockets full of lint/ My pops had the attitude of forget a “nine to five”/ ''I'ma get rich or die trying" rather than make a dollar and fifty cents'/ That's a slave drive/ Work hard and it's still hard to survive/ That's life/ Within it all, drug dealers, thieves and the innocent/ Lose their life trying to make a sacrifice/ Dying violently it's like we hear no evil cause we live silently/ But this poetry gave us a means to speak/ Now i place my fingers on a different rap sheet/ My life in perspective told on an angle of 360 degrees...yes sir!/
Track Name: War
War (Siex & Dejazz)

Cold to the bone, atrocities are committed/ Dead bodies indeed replace stones/ Individuals turn to clones, military brothers/ Submit to the orders, until the war is over/ Nobody can put the weapons down and knuckle under/ Soldiers fight, babies crying at night/ Wars engender diverging effects like/ Cocos and the Nazca plates/ Victims are traumatized, Families divided/ Children taken away, young girls kidnapped and traded/ Cruelly they end up as sex slaves/ Infected by aids/ Whole villages irradiated by raids/ Afraid, kids scared to death to be abducted by Armies like LRA/ Still people have faith/ Prayin' everyday for better days/ Wishin' to forget their enemies' face/ A few are rescued, many with no clue (no clue)/ Most die, physically or inside/ Leavin' only blood and cries, what's left to realize?/ Will the leaders finally look in the sky and say (say what?): “We've had enough of this nonsense!”/ What's to blame, why this violence?/ No war can ever have a valuable motive, break the silence/

Nuclear meltdown/ Apartheid in Cape Town/ Gun shots shape sounds/ That children hear/ Nuclear winter causing the coldest year/ People feeling cold war fear/ Cause there is still a threat of nuclear warfare/ In a state of poverty and welfare/ More money spent on the military budget than on health care/ Corporate sponsors and governments get the lion's share/ Caught in a colonial snare/ Over resources reserves flare/ Taste the blood in the air/ The earth is porous and absorbs the red tears/ Of gas a situation that can't be masked/ And is drawing out the crowd in mass/ Burying a child is not an easy task for a mother/ U.N. allows states to market lethal weapons/ That find there way in the hands of child soldiers/ Military's predatory tactics used to dishonour and dehumanize/ The ones who call others terrorists are the ones who terrorize/ Religion becomes politicized/ Hatred is used to incite genocide/ Conquer through divide/ The confusion is all lies that the media televised/ Wars are always strategized and the pot is comprised of the pieces of the prize/ In hydrocarbon society we live energy dependent lives/ Where oil is needed for the economy to survive/ We built a first world paradise by creating third world lives/ But to support it many more are going to die/ Middle eastern militants still respond to the law/ An eye for an eye it makes sense/ Around the world revolutionaries throw up clenched fist/ While paramilitary organizations playing risk/ To preserve the wealth of the rich/ And keep us in brackets/ The 99 percent in impoverishment/ Unity is strength, showing solidarity through the occupy movement/ Giving the class conscious awareness of the essence of the world's conflicts/ But we're fighting to get war abolished, yes sir!

Speech: Haile Selassie UN Speech (1963)
Track Name: K.I.N.G. (Knowledge Is Never Granted)
K.I.N.G. - (Knowledge Is Never Granted) (Dejazz, Silex, Marley)

My kingly character causes a natural phenom/ The strings we attached to vibrate the kings of Leone/ Before the first name add the don like Corleone/ Matriarchal system at home/ Ambiant reflect the neon/ I deliver crown jewels direct from Sierra Leone/ 93 when I was born/ I'll rock the microphone to infinity and beyond/ Making music that's timeless/ It will last for eons/ Karl Kani waterproof fabric the colour dijon/ Walking through Alexis-Nihon/ In fashion/ Heading to class and looking for a queen willing to link with/ A ghetto youth like Jasmin/ All my life I felt a pain that can't be relieved by Aspirin/ Clothes matching my mind state/ Timberlands on my feet make my attire complete/ I'm straight hip-hop/ My art-work reflects reality/ I keep those who know loyalty close to me/ Servin' Haile Selassie I/ The divine king/ Adorn us with royalty/ Like King David, blessing me with this poetry/ My dynastic link with JAH is not symbolized by a rosary, it gets deep/ Like the vision Joseph had of stars bowing before his feet/ My brother said ''looking good is not cheap''/ Well to be a king there is an expense/ Lead by influence/ Christ made the greatest sacrifice when they nailed him to the crucifix/ In North America where the Ten Lost Tribes mix/ In the melting pot, modern monarchs/ Representing god/ The lord said “go forth and subdue the Earth”/ So I maintain the Scarface motto ''the world is yours'', yes sir!


I'm a K.I.N.G./ You know it's loyalty before royalty for K.I.N.G./ I stay humble cause I'm here to save another I'm a K.I.N.G./ You can tell by the way I look and act that I'm a monarch I'm a K.I.N.G./ And I live by the code ''death before dishonor''/

Red strong cedar, true power of a leader/ Tie the links and bring his folks/ In the right direction like he's a future reader (reads the future)/ Solidifies a nation through the speakers, solutions seeker/ And he who digs deep finds treasures/ Ideas expressed by words and gestures/ A king is surrounded by dream achievers/ Caught in a long lasting fever/ His optimism is contagious/ His mind is in link with his heart/ Plus he sees far like a visionary/ Sight goes past the struggle/ Insure all is provided with substantial needs/ Every voice is heard, nobody's hurt/ Positive change occurs finally/ I quote Mandela (listen), "It always seems impossible until it's done"/ Now a chief can help you foresee success in the long run/

Once only wise, he was once young and clumsy/ His locals yodelled in their vocals he was once a dummy/ Walking through the forest, barking up the wrong trees/ He fell and stumbled constantly/ Standing was something he thought he could never achieve/ Time was depressing practice/ Wearing out his knees/ And the day came where the pain drifted away/ And he can walk like a king, talk like a king/ Not taking any orders/Learning from the elders/ Setting up shelter/ Maneuvering his skill, left and right/ For forward peaceful nights/ For the youngest, plunging his hand in the dirt/ Playin' in the dirt/ Worse than the rumors of a peasant/ While making it pleasant for those/ Who live in his houses and walk on his roads/ Setting an example for everyone to sample/ That a king doesn't need a crown to rule but a consciousness/

Track Name: La Blanche (Bonus)
La Blanche (Bonus Freestyle) -
(Lavish, Lou Piensa, Hazer, Silex, Oxymore, Ebonic Raven, Dr. MaD)

Flow fire I'm higher won't retire require the entire empire/ I'm not a lighter filled with gas like a lighter/ I'm kinda tighter/ But tryna' live fat, with a cat, and a stack/ Outside the crib is a gucci mat/ I attack and in fact, I know how to act/ You lack my click clack split u like a Kit Kat/ Forget the chit-chat I'm where the heats at/

Lou Piensa
Ladies and gentlemen, my sentiments are never in favour of bettering unlawful settlements/ Now let 'em in/ We better win/ We crossed more deserts than bedouins/ A veteran, I've done more late night shows than David Letterman/ I still love H.E.R. though I met her when/ She was a better lover when she listened to her own soul instead of men/ In the dead of night, I remember when she woke me up and pumped me with Adrenalin/ Schools were pushing Ritalin/

Je vis la rue seul ou avec le crew/ Je ris à la vue de ton faux rap de fou/ Je crache le feu, toi tu baves gros/ Je cache mon je, dans ma tête c'est le chaos/ Et les gars, yo! Il faut vivre je veux rire, ivre de rap music/ Tu t'affaiblis, moi je taffe mes rimes/ On vient buter la concurrence mesquine/ Aka Jacques Mesrine/ Dans ma vie je veux rire avec mes potos/ Du soleil, du croco/ Du Lauren, des bonnes gos et du pollen/

Ayo, new born babies, welcome to the circus/ As you grow up and become conscious/ Let your instincts lead you to you purpose/ Worst comes to worst, worst/ Ups and downs, words hurt/ Words, will free you from the bad clowns/ Believe in what you can accomplish/ Then, t-t-take actions its all that counts/

Dr. MaD
''Hey, y'a rien qui compte, hein!''

Depuis mes treize ans, j'appuie sans raison/ Sur la gâchette de mon stylo bille/ Dans ma maison en cachette j'écoutais des cassettes au style hostile/ Gars, Faut que je me sauve par n'importe quel moyen/ Sauf par l'illégal bordel moi j'en ai vu plus d'un/ Faire la bévue alors j'affirme mon refus/ Le rap mon refuge, la rage m'arrache la trachée/ Rangez vos clic clic, ouais je suis un chic type/ Pacifique et pas si vite, ne pas courir après le gent-ar/ Plutôt sourire que frapper le gendarme/ Ma drogue c'est la littérature/ Ouais j'hallucine quand je lis mes ratures/ Je suis le meilleur auteur et j'mets la hauteur/ Malheur aux autres, les concurrents/ Vont nous courir après, cons courants!/

Ebonic Raven
It's the velociraptor, stopping your laughter on this track,when rappin'/ I'm cracking backs and ankles like Kurt Angle slamming bastards/ My reminiscence of essence, infecting intersections/ Expelled your temple from it's sector like the rhyme inspector/ ''Protect ya neck'' like Method, then step into my direction/ For my perfection as an adolescent had you stressing/ I'll jab a dagger in ya clavicle, to have you shattered/ The name's Ebonic and I'm dropping knowledge for my scholars/

Dr. MaD
Nul besoin de jouer les durs à cuire sur ta couverture de vinyle/ Le tout repose sur la somme et la substance de tes principes/ Et j'insiste sur la technique puis la pratique/ Ainsi le doc manie mieux le beat et le rythme qu'un flic manie le flingue et le fric/ Mine de rien ma plume flanche de temps a autre/ J'attend l'aube blanche et fout le bordel sur le terrain de l'autre/ Arme de destruction massive ou simple arme blanche/ Roule avec NBS, Massive et le mec Mad en blouse blanche/